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Save time and money by going straight to a doctor of physical therapy after a musculoskeletal injury. You pay up front for your visits, bypassing confusing coverage options, delayed bills, and denials. Your goals are our goals – leave every visit with a clear plan of how to improve.

Dr. Rachel Wyman Dawson

Doctor of Physical Therapy

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I have suffered with plantar fasciitis in both feet for years. It got progressively worse until walking was always a painful experience. As a teacher who is always on her fee, pain was a constant, daily experience. I tried inserts, which helped a little but just masked the pain. I did all the traditional remedies…night splints, cortisone shots, sleeves, expensive shoes, Graston, Cold Laser Therapy. A lot of money and a lot of time later, I was still in pain and couldn’t even enjoy hiking, walks on the beach, exercising, or just walking around my house barefoot.

Up until Dr. Dawson started treating me, I had not been to a physical therapist for my plantar fasciitis. I had been to a podiatrist who gave me cortisone shots and wanted to try surgery and a chiropractor who gave me some relief, but not a cure. Since starting my treatment with Dr. Dawson, I experienced immediate relief after each session and a continual lessening of pain with each treatment. I am fully expecting to be symptom-free.

I was so used to being in pain, it was hard to remember what it felt to walk without pain. But when I started to NOT be bothered by the things that usually made my feet miserable (working out, hiking, being on my feet at work, going barefoot), I knew that I finally made the right choice with Dr. Dawson.

Now that my plantar fasciitis is almost resolved, I am back to enjoying an active lifestyle without constant pain. I’m able to work out longer, enjoy miles of walking and hiking, and not have aching feet as soon as I get out of bed. I recommend Dr. Dawson to anyone who does not want to live with their pain any longer!


Before I came to On the Move Physical Therapy and Wellness I was having sudden severe pain in the lower back and hip. It was difficult to move comfortably and I was unable to maintain any position for long periods of time. I felt very fearful and confused about the root cause of the problem. I was concerned that the discomfort may be long term and without possibility of repair.

Dr. Dawson noticed my issue before I even had the chance to tell her that I was in pain. I had never experienced discomfort like this before. I thought that I would feel some relief if I just ‘gave it a few days’. Dr. Dawson noticed a strangeness in the way I moved, asked about my discomfort, listened carefully when I explained what I was feeling, and asked all of the right questions. She was able to take the information that I gave her and carefully decipher what may have caused my pain. I have never had a physician listen so carefully to my symptoms. She carefully and thoughtfully listened to my immediate concerns. Bust, also considered my age, history, general health and personal preferences before helping me to decide on a plan to remedy my condition. I have never felt more in control of my personal health choices.

From the moment Dr. Dawson asked how I was feeling, I knew that my healing was in her best interest. She was compassionate, concerned and understanding. PT was not always comfortable, but I always felt safe and each session left me feeling stronger, healthier and more in control. 

Today, I am enjoying all of the physical activity that I had before my injury. Not only has Dr. Dawson given me back the ability to run, hike, play with grandchildren, and move more freely. She has taken the time to teach me to do these things responsibly, so that I may continue for years to come.


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On The Move Physical Therapy and Wellness

On The Move Physical Therapy and Wellness

On the Move Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC provides private pay physical therapy services to the Morehead City, Beaufort, and Emerald Isle area in North Carolina. Doctor Rachel Wyman Dawson is a manual therapist who uses trigger point dry needling and other manual techniques to decrease pain and restore normal movement patterns. Combining this with education about posture, core activation, and patient specific exercises allow people to eliminate fear and anxiety associated with their injury and be able to fully participate in life again.

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